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Le 9 nov. 11 08:04, Debbie Wiener a ecrit :

If you go to the website mentioned here, and follow the links,
you will find an article I wrote about my trip to Poland and the
Ukraine earlier this year with Father Desbois. If you go to
<> you will find it under News and Events on
the home page.
Debbie's article is very moving and well written.

That said, the exact locations of the mass graves of the Jews of Rawa
Ruska and vicinity, the number of victims buried in each of them and
dates of executions were already fully investigated, known and
published in September 1944(!) by the Soviet Sepcial Commission of
investigation of German Crimes and were part of the Soviet
Prosecution files in the Nuremberg Trials in 1946. The report of the
Soviet Commission was established according to 42 eye witnesses to
the atrocities of whom quite a number were local Jewish survivors (a
partial French version is available at

This report is very clear about the active role of the
Ukrainian Police in the extermination on site of the Jews.

Furthermore, The Rawa Ruska Yizkor Book, published in 1973,
contains a whole chapter devoted to the Shoa Period where survivors
testify to the massacres on site as well as deportations to Belzec,
also locating with exactitute the murder sites. (Book available
online >from the web site of the New York Public Libary at: The pages devoted to the
Extermination (most of them in Yiddish) are 225-371. All these
testimonies cleary attest to the zealous participation of the
Ukrainian police and of the local Ukrainian civilian population in
the extermination of the Jews.

Jewish eye-witnesses testimonies have long been available to all
intersted, locating and dating the murder sites with precision, many
times also precising who exactly was invovled in the killings and
how, all over East Galicia (now Western Ukraine). Somehow, even
today, these Jewish testimonies are ignored and the massacres in East
Galicia, that were not carried out by the German Einzatgruppen, are
presented as "Shoah by bullets", a part of The Shoah only very
recently discovered and carried out exclusively by the Nazis...

A very interesting contribution to the Rawa Ruska Yizkor Book >from
1973(!) is a report originally written in French and translated into
Yiddish, "Rawa-Ruska as Extermination-post Stalag 325" by Yechl
Meisels (pp. 365-371), which is the camp in which Desbois's father
was interned. It is also noteworthy that another inmate of this camp,
a French non-Jew, Dr. J. Guerin, published his memoirs on this camp
upon his return to France already in 1945(!!), where he specifically
describes the active collaboration of the Ukrainian police in the
extermination of the Local Jews and their particular curelty towards
the Jews inside the camp and in town and its vicinity. (Book, in
French, entirely available online at

Rivka Schirman nee Moscisker
Paris, France
Searching: MOSCISKER >from Brody, Budzynin, Buczacz, Okopy Szwietej
Trojce, Krakow, Lwow), WEISSMANN and REINSTEIN >from Okopy Szwietej
Trojce (Borszczow, Tarnopol)

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