Revised Bedzin Area 1826-1859 extracts now online #poland


Dear fellow Bedzin and Zaglembie area researchers:

In a post earlier today, Hadassah Lipsius mentioned that Bedzin
data was updated.

We are pleased to provide further details about the totally revised
extracts of 1826-1859 Bedzin records that are now available for
searching on the Jewish Records Indexing - Poland database.

This revised data should be valuable to all researchers tracing their
roots to Bedzin and nearby towns (Sosnowiec, Dabrowa Gornicza,
Modrzejow, Stremieczycze and Czeladz) whose families
originated in the Bedzin area. For example, until 1901, all Jewish
residents of Sosnowiec registered their life cycle events in Bedzin
and until 1911, all Dabrowa Gornicza residents registered in Bedzin.

Here is what you will find in the revised Bedzin data:

1. Surnames of mothers added to the 1858 births
2. Ages of parents added to 1833-34 and 1841-42 births
3. Considerable new information has been added to the death records.
4. Previously missing records have been added:
1845 marriages and 1845 and 1850 deaths.
5 In addition, each record now has the correct corresponding
LDS microfilm number.

All Bedzin area researchers are urged to review their previous
searches to insure you have the revised information as well as to
find previously missing details.

We have been deeply involved in our family history research for many
years and invite all those with an interest in Bedzin, Sosnowiec,
Dabrowa Gornicza and Wolbrom to contact us privately at
jcymbler@... and genfred@....
We will try to be of help or direct you to those who might be able
to assist you in your research of this area.

In addition, we wish to bring to your attention that the 1939 census
of all Jews in Bedzin in now searchable on the JRI-Poland website;
and, as previously posted, Jeff Cymbler's cataloguing of all the
tombstones in the Czeladz Bedzin cemetery is also searchable in
our database.

We continue to work on projects relating to the Zaglembie area,
including cataloguing additional cemetries. We welcome both
volunteers and contributors to these projects.

Jeffrey K. Cymbler (New York)
JRI-Poland Town Leader, Bedzin, Sosnowiec and Dabrowa Gornicza

Fred Frenkel (Munich)
JRI-Poland Assistant Town Leader, Bedzin, Sosnowiec and
Dabrowa Gornica
JRI-Poland Town Leader, Slawkow and Wolbrom

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