IGRA - The next generation of genealogy in Israel is here! #poland

Jean-Pierre Stroweis

Dear researchers,

The next generation of genealogy in Israel is here!
To welcome 2012 we are happy to announce the launch of activities for the
Israel Genealogy Research Association (IGRA). IGRA is bringing new
technology, new energy and new excitement to genealogy in Israel.
We are dedicated to being completely open to all groups within Israel and
outside of Israel. We welcome everyone interested in genealogy. One of our
driving forces is to open up as many possible data sources as we can to the

We strive to use the latest technologies to reach the most people we can
with our content. Our website can be accessed at www.genealogy.org.il . The
center of the organization will be this web site, which will host videos,
webinars, articles on genealogy, research guides, our calendar of events and
more. The website is in English but "multi-lingual" with a translation
option into several additional languages.

Please visit the website and register (free) in order to receive increased
access, to stay informed on everything going on and to allow us to be in
contact with you about our activities.

There are many benefits of membership as well and we hope you will consider
joining us in this exciting endeavor.

On the behalf of IGRA,
Jean-Pierre Stroweis

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