Looking for Irena SOKOTOUSKA Targowa 15/46 Warschau #poland

Charles Mahler

Hello Everybody,

During the war Karol BUSCHEL, born in Kolomeyya and an importer-exporter
ofeggs in Lemberg, was in Poland as he was mobilised as an officer in
the Polish army. His wife, Ella MAHLER, my aunt, was living with her two
children Liliane and Armand, in the house of my grand-parents MAHLER in
Antwerp Belgium. I recently discovered some correspondence between them
from 1940 to July 1944. This letters were written and addressed to
non-Jewish intermediaries: a Madeleine DURT in Antwerp and Irena
SOKOTOUSKA living in Warschau Targowa 15/46. Irena's mother's given name
was Wlada.

Is there any possibility to discover some information about this brave
woman in Warschau?

Best regards
Charles Mahler
Antwerp Belgiumer

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