Looking for Irena SOKOTOUSKA Targowa 15/46 Warschau #poland

Rivka Schirman <capitetes@...>

Le 10 janv. 12 08:04, Charles Mahler a ecrit :
During the war Karol BUSCHEL, born in Kolomeyya and an importer-
of eggs in Lemberg, was in Poland as he was mobilised as an officer in
the Polish army. His wife, Ella MAHLER, my aunt, was living with
her two
children Liliane and Armand, in the house of my grand-parents
Antwerp Belgium. I recently discovered some correspondence between
from 1940 to July 1944. This letters were written and addressed to
non-Jewish intermediaries: a Madeleine DURT in Antwerp and Irena
SOKOTOUSKA living in Warschau Targowa 15/46. Irena's mother's given
name was Wlada.

Is there any possibility to discover some information about this brave
woman in Warschau?

Bonjour, Charles,

Two preliminary observations:
1. The two non-Jewish women served at least, as "mail box" for the
two Jews, respectively in Antwerpen and Warsaw but must have been in
pretty constant contact with them (once when receiving the letter in
order to send, once when receiving the answer and handing it to the

2. By the dates you mention, your uncle was, by definition, in hiding
on the Aryan side of Warsaw and in contact with Irena Sokotouska (are
you sure of the spelling ?) for at least some 14-15 full months after
the destruction of the ghetto. However, the fact that the letters
were sent to and >from Warsaw does not necessarily mean he, himself
was in Warsaw. IT might not even necessarily mean that the Polish
lady whose name was on the envelope really existed or that it was her
real name, this might have been (again, given the dates), another
"mail box" or a code-name of a member of the Zegota, for example
(see more: http://www.projectinposterum.org/docs/zegota.htm). The
postal stamp on the Polish envelopes, if you have them, might bring
some information about this.

Did your uncle survive the war ?

If yes, one possible way of finding more about Irena SOKOTOUSKA (are
you sure about the spelling ?) is to check whether he gave testimony
any where, mentioning her. Yad Vashem's collection of individual
testimonies now included also the full collections of testimonies
collected by survivors in Poland itself in the years 1944-1948 and
those collected in the DP camps in the US Zone in Germany before
reaching their next destinations, so this would be a good place to

You might contact the Oral History Department of the Yad Vashem
Archives, telling the story, and ask whether there is a testimony
given by your uncle or your aunt and/or any other testimony
mentioning either of these two ladies and, if yes, see how you can
get a copy.
To contact the Oral History Section

Tel.: 972-2-6443753; Fax: xx-972-2-6443431;
E-Mail: testimonies@...

The Oral History Section
Yad Vashem Archives
POB 3477
Jerusalem 91034

In case you uncle did not survive and did not give testimony himself,
one way of getting help in tracing them could be by telling your
story and sending copies of the envelopes + content of letters (that
might reveal something about the two non-Jewish ladies), to Yad
Vashem, but this time to the Department of Righteous Among the
Nations, asking for these two ladies to be recognized, postumously,
for the assistance extended under life-danger and asking Yad Vashem's
assistance in identifying them.

To contact Yad Vahsem Depratment of Righteous Among the Nations:
Tel. 972-2-6443520; Fax. 972-2-6443743;
E-mail: righteous.nations@...,
Yad Vashem
POB 3477
Israel, 91034

Another place to find help in identifying Irena Sokotuska is by
writing to the Warsaw Museum of the History of Polish Jews, who are
also devoting time to identifying such persons :

I hope this help and would love to know what you might have learned
more ...

Rivka Schirman nee Moscisker
Paris, France
Searching: MOSCISKER >from Brody, Budzynin, Buczacz, Okopy Szwietej
Trojce, Krakow, Lwow), WEISSMANN and REINSTEIN >from Okopy Szwietej
Trojce (Borszczow, Tarnopol)

MODERATOR'S NOTE: In the immediately preceding message, Charles
confirmed that Irena's surname was likely SOKOLOWSKA.

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