Re: "Freblowka" and "ochronka". #poland

Jurek Hirschberg <jurek.hirschberg@...>

Re. the meaning of the Polish word "ochronka", I am quoting >from The
Dictionary of Polish Language, v. 2, PWN Warsaw 1979. "Ochronka, arch., an
establishment for poor or orphaned children, provided in the past by
convents or charitable institutions; later: a kind of kindergarten."

Obviously "ochronka" could mean either an orphanage or a kindergarten,
depending on the context.

Best regards,

Jurek Hirschberg

Subject: Re: "Freblowka" and "ochronka".
From: Henryk Gruder <>
Date: Fri, 16 Mar 2012 09:53:12 -0400
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With all due respect: As explain in a personal e-mail "ochronka" did not
mean kindergarten, but orphanage. My mother in law was educated in
"ochronka" of the name of Jozef Pilsudski in Lvov.

Henryk Gruder

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