View Mate Translation Help #poland

Steve Jaron

I have put up 5 records >from AGAD on View Mate. They are the Birth
records for my Great-Grandmother Bertha/Bassie Tillinger and 3 of her
siblings - Rachel/Regina, Jozef, and Salomon Isaak. The pages appear
to be in Polish but could have some German also since they are from
they late 1800's in Stanislwow. Any help with any kind of translation
would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance
-Steve Jaron

Tarnopol - Krochmal, Rothstein, Zucker, Goldbrum, Bieler, Kostenblatt,
Landau, Kaczer, Bilker, Fruchtman, Seid, Sirkus
Bresovica - Rothstein
Stanislwow - Tillinger, Wax, Mossler, Silver
Zabolotiv - Tillinger
Kolomyya - Wax, Mossler
Also looking at Schneewiess (Rzeszow), Elefant, and Lichten
(Stanislwow) for friends of mine/cousins-in-law and their possible
connections to my tree
Steve Jaron

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