Researching Ring and Gorenstein, NY early 1900's #poland

Elaine Farran

I have found another mysterious connection to my Gorenstein family - a
possible relative named Morris Ring.

My grandmother, Frymet Chave Muskatblatt, married Chaim Zamler ( who later
became Chaim Gorenstein - but that's another story) in Poland, before 1907.

Her sister, Shoshe (Sara) Muskatblatt, married Meilich Tsvi (Morris)
Gorenstein, her first cousin, before 1905. According to the ship's
---On Jan 23, 1905, Schosse Gorenstein (24) entered the US. She is going
to her husband, Meiloch Gorenstein at 126 E. 3 St.
---Shosshe is listed as the sister-in-law of her traveling companion,
Morris Ring, who was also traveling with his daughter, Chave or Chane
Gorenstein (10) Morris Ring is going to his brother-in-law, W.
Gorenstein at 126 E. 3rd St.
There is no information about their places of residence in Europe or
about the nearest relatives they left behind. That page seems to be

Could Morris Ring's brother in law be M., instead of W., Gorenstein,
which would make him Shoshe's brother-in-law or is it possible that
Morris Ring was married to another of Shoshe's sisters?

Also - if anyone else is researching the Ring family of NY in the early
1900's, please contact me.

Thank you

Elaine Farran
Long Beach New York USA
---MUSZKATBLATT,GORENSTEIN: Warsaw, Lublin Area, NY, Minnesota
---ZAMLER/SAMLER: Bobrowniki, Warsaw, Lublin, Pulawy, New York
---KOLMEISTER,KINDER: Pulawy, Warsaw areas; Boston, Los Angeles
---SEFMAN:Boston,Warsaw, Los Angeles
---SZAMPANIER/CHAMPANIER/CHENCHINSKA(& variations):Konskie, Piotrkow,Lodz,
Buenos Aires
---MIODOWICZ,PEYSACHOW, ELBINGER:Konskie and environs;
Zgierz, Piotrkow, Lodz, New York

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