TWERSKI Family #poland

Alex Girshovich

Dear Forum,

I am looking for help to find any records related to Twerski (Tverski)

My grandmother's sister Ida NORKIN >from Bobruisk, Belarus, born around
1898, married Josif (Iosif) TWERSKI >from Warsaw and lived there till
WW2. They had a son Marjan TWERSKI born around 1917.

I know that they lived in Warsaw, and may be for a few years in Bialystok.

During the WW2 they were brought to Treblinka concentration camp. A
survivor informed my grandmother after the war about their death,
stating that Josef who was a doctor(pediatrics) was acting very
worthily in the camp.

Unfortunately, so far i was unable to find any evidences about TWERSKI
family neither >from their pre-war life, nor >from the death camp

I would appreciate any help or reference.

Alex Girshovich

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