understanding what information is on grave stone #poland

Kay Goldman <kgoldman@...>

I have recently had the Hebrew inscription on my gg-grandmother's grave
stone translated, and this is the translation.
Here is buried Hilda daughter of Yerachmiel >from the holy city of Warsaw
the wife of Yisroel Nathan son of Reb Yehudah
who passed away 3 Elul 5633 (1873)

She was born between 1819 and 1825 and married before she left Europe. Her
husband was named Nathan LAVINE. They had two children born in Europe,
Lena and Sara and were in Ohio by 1858-9 when one child was born and Miss.
in 1860 when another child was born and Texas shortly after that. I am
trying to understand just what this information tells. Was her father
Yerachmiel? Was this a common name in some areas?

Can anyone tell me more about it? Her husband was not >from Warsaw, but
from an area near there. Did her husband have a double name, Yisroel
Nathan? (He only used Nathan in Texas.) Do I assume that Nathan's father
was Yehudah? I have not found any immigration records here in the US. Might
there be records in Europe? She and her husband lived in Mississippi and
then Texas and there are few records here.

Thanks for your help.

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