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I am trying to connect the Biterman / Bitterman family of Lublin
(http://chelm.freeyellow.com/bitermanlublin.html), which traces back to
around 1720, to the Biterman family in Hrubieszow and Krylow (my
family). The first Biterman I found in my family so far is Lejb
Biterman. I saw that he was alive in an 1835 marriage certificate, so
I assume that one of the Lejb Biterman documents I obtained post-1835
are recording his death.

Lejba Biterman, died 1847

Part 1 (bottom section on right talks about Lejb Biterman) at

Part 2 (top half talks about Lejb Biterman) at

I see that on Viewmate it is even more difficult to read the documents
than normally. If you need me to send you a copy of them, please let
me know. I am trying to identify the parents of Lejba Biterman.

There is also a Lejba Biterman who died in 1850, but I think this was a
child named Leyb Biterman:

If anyone can help with the translation >from Polish to English I would
be very appreciative.

Aaron Biterman
Washington DC

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