JRI-Poland / PSA agreement announced on Polish TV and Israeli Press #poland

Mark Halpern

On February 16, JRI-Poland Executive Director Stanley Diamond announced a
new cooperation with the Polish State Archives. The announcement, photos,
and a video can be found on our homepage at www.jri-poland.org.

On February 19, The Times of Israel wrote a story -- see
http://goo.gl/7BYKj The headline reads "Poland deal massively expands
access to prewar Jewish records. Agreement signed by State Archives in
Warsaw will allow for free digital research into family and community
pre-Holocaust histories."

Subsequently, the announcement was picked up on the Polish TV Network TVN24,
a 24- hour news channel similar to CNN and on their website -- see

The Board of JRI-Poland is very pleased of this International recognition of
our cooperation with the Archives.

Mark Halpern
on behalf of the JRI-Poland Board of Directors

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