Irene_Weissengrun - from Rudki - formerly Galicia #poland

Barbara Ras Wechsler


I am trying to trace the origins of Irene Wechsler. Her maiden name was
Weissengrun and was buried in Trieste in the Jewish Cementary. She
was 85 years of age at the time of death.

There are no further traces of the Weissengrun family in Trieste. She
probably came to Italy together with her husband (and children?). She
shares her grave with Rosa Wechsler, who died 10 years prior at the age
of 74 years and was probably unmarried.

I don't know the first name of Irene's husband, all I have is her death
date and approximate birthdate:
- born about 1845
- died December 20th, 1930

Dates of Rosa Wechsler
- born about 1846
- died September 14th, 1920

The only Weissengruns I found are >from Rudki, L'viv, Ukraine and
proximity. So at present, I'm assuming she came to Italy >from the
Lemberg / Lviv area with her husband.

Maybe somebody is researching the Weissengrun family and can help me


Barbara Ras Wechsler

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