"A Town Without a Rabbi Cannot Exist" #poland

Apollo Israel <apollo@...>

Pamela Weisberger wrote to tell us of the online exhibit >from the State
Archives in Warsaw called: "A Town Without a Rabbi Cannot Exist: Rabbis,
Assistant Rabbis and Rabbinic Candidates in the Warsaw Governorate in the
Years 1888-1912."

I'd like to express my gratitude publicly to Pamela for alerting us to this
amazing exhibit. My ancestors weren't rabbis but they came >from the town of
Kaluszyn and I have so many documents of theirs signed by the town's rabbi,
Szmul Kopel KLIGSBERG, that I almost feel I knew him. It was quite
fascinating for me to see a photo of the rabbi and put a face to the name!

All of you might care to note too that even if you don't have any rabbinical
ancestors, there is a lot of other information in this exhibit, including
the names of non-rabbinical relatives and brief histories of many towns.
Well worth checking out. Thanks again, Pamela.

All the best,
Miriam Bulwar David-Hay,
Raanana, Israel.

Researching: BULWAR (Rawa Mazowiecka, Lodz, Lwow, Krakow); FRENKIEL
Lodz); WAKS,BEKER, ENGEL (Nowe Miasto nad Pilica); GOLDSZTEJN (Lodz; family
of Szmerel & Itta nee ZYMERVOGEL, both d. WWII); BORNSZTAJN (Lodz; family of
Moshe Hersz,1879-1942), ROSENBERG, WEISKOPF (Przedborz).

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