Re: Help with the term PARNIARZ from Sefer Wyszkow #poland

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Dear Howard,

I would not think that the word "Parniarz" comes >from a name of a town.
My best guess it's a surname/nickname and the proper spelling is

Witold Wrzosinski

Dear Friends,
In "Sefer Wyszkow" appears this sentence:

"I am reminded of two teachers who taught me: the Lodzer and Parniarz."

pey alef resh nun yud alef resh zayen shin

"Lodzer" clearly refers to someone >from Lodz, but I cannot find any
source in which the term Parniarz appears.

According to the JewishGen Latvia Database, there is a place, formerly
in northeastern Poland, now Estonia, called, alternatively:
Pernoi [Yiddish], Pernava [Latvian],Parnawa [Polish]

but, I do not know if that is the reference for Parniarz used by the

Thanks for any help with this mysterious word.

Howard Orenstein, Ph.D.

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