Re: Looking for sources of photos of Kishinev pre 1907 that I can use in a family website #bessarabia

Yefim Kogan

Hello Alan, everybody,

I cannot tell you much about creating a website, but I can help you to find old
photos and old maps.

The best site for it is . It is in Russian, but you can easily
translate with Google. You will see on a menu to the right a section: Old photos
of Chisinau, also Old maps and streets, etc. Under Old photos of Chisihau
there is a section Buildings and streets of Chisinau until 1944 - that might be of
your interest.

The second great site for this is that one is in
Romanian, but still you can easily translate. If you know the street name your
relatives used to live - you may even find a house... where they lived.

Ariel, I am not sure if I saw these two sites at Kishinev Kehila website. I think
these two are very important.

All the best and happy researching and good findings.

Yefim Kogan
JewishGen Bessarabia SIG Leader and Coordinator

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Subject: Looking for sources of photos of Kishinev pre 1907 that I can use
in a family website

Some of my cousins and I are planning to create a family website that
would include photos of Kishinev pre 1907. Am looking for
suggestions for where I can access or obtain such photos - it would be for a
private family website.

Also, I am interested in learning if anyone has developed a family website that
includes not just family genealogy, but also family history, memories, photos
(not just of relatives). What, if any, template did you use?


Alan Levitt
LEVITT, LEVIT - Kishinev

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