Re: Meaning of a Polish Abbreviation (continued) #galicia

Marilyn Robinson

In response to my query of October 20, 2013 about the meaning of the
term(s) "pry. wojsk", following a student's name, a reader suggested a
list of abbreviation definitions found in an Avotaynu article,

The term, "wojski" was defined as "in ancient Poland the wojski was
the official in charge of an area while other authorities were gone
during wartime."---( "Abbreviations in Slownik Geograficzny", >from "In
Their Words", Vol. I./Shea-Hoffman). Others have concurred that the
meaning of "pry"/"prywatny" means private (but not used in reference to
the military, such as an army private). Could it be that these young
students became a form of reservist or what the British referred to as
"Home Guard" during WWII---local defense volunteers, set up as a
secondary defense force in case of invasion? (Wikipedia)

Original Question:
"Can anyone tell me the meaning of the Polish words/phrase: "pryw.
---does it mean army private or something similar? I saw the phrase used
several times after students' names in a 1917-18 school report

Ex. Schimsheimer Edward pryw.wojsk.

Marilyn Robinson
Searching: Unterberger (Tarnow, Galicia, Austria), Kapelner (Galicia,
Austria,Tarnow), Schutz/Schultz (Galicia, Austria, Ulanow), Yudin
(Sharkovshchina), Luria/Lurie (Lodz, Warsaw), Reichman (Warsaw) Regent
(Krakow) Wieser/Weiser (Galicia, Tarnow, other), Balsam (Galicia), Zager

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