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Celia Male <celiamale@...>

Bob Rubin wrote to us a follows: I will be travelling
to Vienna the last week in March to explore the city
where my great-grandfather was born. I was wondering
if people would recommend what is worth seeing?

Our moderator did say "please respond privately"
but I assume that this was directed at general
sightseeing, not the sites of genealogical interest.

For the benefit of newcomers to this SIG - I would
like to stress that this topic has been dealt with in
Summer 2004 [specifically August 2004] and there are a
number of very relevant postings which can be accessed
on the message archives.

I always access these via the "home page" of
Austria-Czech: [right at the end]. Select SIG
archives; then after your registration, choose
Austria-Czech and enter either the dates or key words,
which can include author's names and any other
possibilities you can think of.

Places to visit include
BMD records: the IKG, Seitenstettengasse [make an
Museums: Jewish Museum, Dorotheergasse;
Cemeteries: including Zentralfriedhof Gates 1 & IV,
Crematorium, Doblinger Friedhof;
Archives: including the Staatsarchiv,
Nottendorfergasse, the Wiener Stadt und Landesarchiv
at the Gasometer and the Adler Society;
Holocaust memorials - the Judenplatz.

See particularly: 2004 postings of 8, 10th, 13th &
25th August and 16 and 30th September. Planning trip
to Vienna & Czech Republic etc ...

Celia Male [UK]

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