Present Tense publication back issues #poland

barbara katz <katzsommerb@...>

Hello,In my resarch on my father's family (Katz >from Sanok, Poland)
I found an article about my father called My uncles Judah and Benzion,
a personal memoir by Irena Penzik Narell. The article was published in
a journal called Present Tense in their summer 1978 issue. This journal
ceased to be published in 1990.I found the first few pages at UCLA, they
don't have the others and I have not been able to find the journal. Yivo
has some copies of Present Tense but only till 1970.Is there someone
amongst you who has a copy of this journal or knows where I could find it?

Thank you so much in advance for your help.

Barbara Katz

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