New LDS Data on the JRI-Poland Database #poland


The recent JRI-Poland database update included LDS Data updates for 14

from the LDS Microfilms, Jewish records files were updated for the towns of
Baranow, Bedzin, Checiny, Gniewoszow, Jedzrejow, Kepno, Krasniczyn, Lowicz,
Rybnik, Tarnow, Warka, Warszawa, Widawa, and Wolborz

Four town files, Tarnow, Baranow, Krasniczyn and Kepno, now include some
links to images >from the Polish National Digital Archives. Now when you
Search the database at these records will each have a 'View
Image' control to click on that will bring you to the exact image containing
that record.

I would like to thank our wonderful team of volunteers who worked tirelessly
to make JRI-Poland such a success.

Many thanks to:

Warren Blatt, Howard Fink, Fred Frenkel, Nicole Heyman, Freda Leiba, Roger
Lustig, Robinn Magid, Madeleine Okladek, David Price, Michael Tobias,
Nicolas Trokiner .

A very special thank you to Haim Ghiuzeli at Beit Hatfutsot for the Lowicz,
Wolborz and Gniewoszow data.

Happy Searching!

Hadassah Lipsius
On Behalf of the Board of JRI-Poland.

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