Viewmate Translation Request - Polish #poland

Eric Wickberg <eswickberg@...>

I've posted what I suspect is an affidavit or letter in Polish for
which I need a translation. It related to my Great Aunt Ester Golda
Janoowsky who was living in Bialystok in 1920 while trying to get a
Visa to immigrate to the USA. At the time she was attempting to obtain
a Visa her sister Sophie in the USA was attempting to obtain one on
Ester Golda Janowsky's behalf. That affidavit identified Golda as
residing at Bessarabska Street No. 16 Bialystok, Poland. If possible
could anyone translating identify the type of document, and provide a
complete translation of the handwritten and letterhead portions.

The document is on ViewMate at the following address ...

Please respond via the form provided in the ViewMate application.

Thank you very much.

Eric Wickberg

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