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Dear Mark and others,

Do you know if there are plans to put any more Bialystok data,
of any kind, on JRI-Poland or Jewish Gen, or if Bialystok indexing is
considered complete"?

It's been a great source of info!

Lena Einhorn


There are three separate answers to your question.

Polish Vital Records

JRI-Poland, a separate and independent organization, whose
website and database resides on JewishGen, provides indices of
Jewish vital records and other records with genealogical data.
Where records exist at branches of the Polish State Archives,
BIALYGen will work closely through JRI-Poland to complete
indexing of these records. The objectives of BIALYGen can be
achieved more rapidly and smoothly by cooperation with
organizations that already have the needed relationships and
procedures in place. (This also pertains to our other partners --
JewishGen and Belarus SIG.)

For Bialystok, all available birth, marriage and death records
through 1901 have been indexed. What currently remains to be
indexed are 1902 births, marriages, and deaths as well as divorces for
1858-1899. Every year another year of records become available
and they will be indexed and added to the database. For example,
1903 birth, marriage, and death records will become available in
2004. Plans are to also extend the indices currently online to
include names and surnames of mothers, fathers, and grandparents
where they exist.

In addition to the records for the city of Bialystok, JRI-Poland
has indexed records (not previously microfilmed by the LDS
Church) for the following towns whose records are housed at the
Bialystok branch of the Polish State Archives: Choroszcz,
Ciechanowiec, Sokoly, and Tykocin.

For records that have been filmed by the LDS Church, JRI-Poland
Shtetl CO-OP groups are formed to index the records >from the
microfilms. LDS Microfilms exist for the following towns in our
area: Bielsk Podlaski, Ciechanowiec, Czyzew Osada, Orla, Suraz,
Trzcianne, Tykocin, and Wasilkow. The list of active Shtetl
CO-OPs can be found at Some record
indices for these active CO-OPs are already contained in the
JRI-Poland database. If there is not a CO-OP for your town
(where LDS films exist), you can form one. Let me know and I will
put you in touch with the right person.

Jewish Records at the Grodno Archives (National Historical
Archives of Belarus)

When we gain access to these records, they will be placed online
in the All Poland Database and the All Belarus

Other Databases created by BIALYGen

Any other databases created by BIALYGen will be placed on
JewishGen in the appropriate area and also, most likely, placed
on the All Poland Database. For example, the names indices being
developed for two Bialystok Yizkor books will be placed in the
JewishGen Yizkor Book project and in the All Poland Database.

Mark Halpern, Coordinator

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