Why Is This Father's Name Listed as Abram Haskiel? #poland

Jeff Jacobs

I would appreciate anyone's thoughts on why the name of a father in a
birth record is listed as "Abram Haskiel Szwartz" when I know that the
same father, Abram, and his wife Szajna had a son named Haskiel.

Here is the background. In the Mlawa B-M-D index, there are two
Szwartz families: Jciek and Dwojra, and Abram and Szajna. Jciek and
Dwojra are my ggg grandparents. I believe Jciek and Abram were
brothers, but I need some evidentiary help to establish that.

Jciek is very definitely the son of Haskiel and Sura. I have his
marriage record, and his parents are listed. Also, Jciek is listed in
that record as Jciek Haskielowicz Szwartz.

I don't have a marriage record for Abram, and his death record does
not list his parents, so I can't establish the identity of his father.
However, Abram had a son named Haskiel and a daughter named Sura.
Other family evidence leads me to conclude that there is a
relationship between the descendants of Abram and those of Jciek, and,
if that's the case, Abram and Jciek must have been brothers, since
their surname likely would have been adopted by their father (Jciek
was born in about 1818, and I am guessing that Abram was married in
the late 1820s, so, if they're brothers, then both were presumably
living with Haskiel Szwartz when surnames came into being in the early

In the birth record of two other sons of Abram, Abram is listed as
Abram Haskiel Szwartz. Only one record is indexed this way; the other
is indexed as Abram Szwartz. So, my question: What is the significance
of the second name, "Haskiel," in these birth records? It can't be
Abram's name, since he had son named Haskiel (I know this >from Abram's
death record and his son Haskiel's marriage record, and I can trace
the son Haskiel's descendants >from Poland to England to the USA; the
other family evidence I alluded to connects Haskiel's descendants to
my family). Abram's name in these birth records is very clearly not
written "Haskielowicz," either in the records themselves or in the one
index entry. Could Abram's second name, Haskiel, in these two birth
records be a patronymic?

Jeff Jacobs
Columbia, SC USA

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