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Tilford Bartman <bartmant@...>

Mark Halpern wrote:

Last year while I was visiting the Bialystok area, I took a side
trip on my way to Sokolka and saw the village of Palestyna, which
is very near the Belarus border. What was this town? In his book,
Jewish Bialystok and Surroundings in Eastern Poland, Tomasz
Wisniewski explains that Palestyna, Kolonia Izaaka, and Kolonia
Chanaan were three Jewish agricultural colonies established about
1850. Apparently, Palestyna is the only one that still exists.
Today, it appears to be a very poor farming community with only
dirt roads leading to the village.

If I recall correctly, I was told that these three colonies were
setup to train Zionists to farm -- sort of a training ground for

Does anyone have any more information about these Jewish
Agricultural colonies?

I haven't been there but I've heard about it. In Zabludow (not very far
from Palestyna) in the 1930s there was a "kibbutz" (not really a place
but a group of people organized) called Yevneal (sp?) It was a group
of mostly young people who were training to go to Palestine. I have a
picture of them. When I was in Chicago I showed the picture to Abe Baker
(an old zabludover and survivor of Auschwitz). He told me he was quite
sure one of the young women in the photo was the daughter of one of my
Aunts, and he thinks this daughter went to Argentina before the war. I'd
very much like to be able to identify all the people in the photo but
haven't been able to do it yet.

Anyway, perhaps these young people >from Zabludow spent time at these
"colonies". If I find out anything more about it I'll let you know.

Tilford Bartman

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