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Henry P. Kaplan <Henry@...>

I do not know whether this will ring any bells, but my great grandfather,
Hirsh Zvi Lipsky, was a rabbi who chose not the pulpit, but the deanship of a large yeshiva in Bialystok. Do you know what the name of your ancestor's yeshiva was? He and his wife (ne Yellen) left Bialystok for Palestine in about 1899-1900 where he died 16 years later.

Henry Kaplan

One of my maternal greatgrandfathers: Dovid Hersh WOLKOW was a Rabbi
and taught in a rabbinical school in Bialystok for many years. He
raised a family in Bransk, Grodno. The time frame is about 1860-1890.
My other maternal great grandfather: Kalman Moishe SVEZNIK (sp) was a
Hassidic Rabbi during the same time frame. He also lived in Bransk.
They both married KRASHIN or KRESHIN sisters.

I am looking for any additional information concerning them.
Cal Weil
San Diego, CA
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