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When various Archives in Poland started placing digital images of vital
records online, JRI-Poland began a volunteer effort to go back to our
extensive index of over 5 million records and add links to these images.
The Archives publishing the images do not have any name index; using
these web sites is similar to the days of scrolling through microfilm to
find a record (except that you can do it >from your own computer).

Establishing an exact one-to-one correspondence with millions of records
is obviously a labor intensive process. Rather than delay providing
image links for the huge volume of images that suddenly became available
JRI-Poland made the decision to provide approximate links for many of
the new images. In those cases you will see the links annotated with the
VIEW NEARBY IMAGE label. Since we have not examined every record and
image in those collections yet the link is a guess based on the number
of records and the number of images in each set. Sometimes the Archives
skip pages or post multiple images of the same page, or include blank
pages, and the number of records as written on each page varies. So you
may have to scroll back or forward a few images to find the exact
record. Because the Archives' web sites have proved difficult for
researchers to navigate on their own we felt this would be a rapid way
to get many, many researchers quickly to very close to their records of

HINT: When using the image links we have added users should first make a
note of the Year and Akt (record) number, and then they can quickly know
whether to advance or back up in cases where the specific record number
is not on the initial image they are presented with.

Please keep in mind that there are basically four states of linking
JRI-Poland's vital records to images:

1) Images are not yet online,
2) Images are online, but no links created yet,
3) Images are online with approximate links,
4) Images are online and have exact links.

At this point we have linked a few hundred thousand records to exact
images, but there are many more to do. If you would like to volunteer to
help with this work please contact me directly.

Howard Fink
Digital Archives Coordinator
Jewish Records Indexing - Poland

On Apr 17, 2015, wrote:

Date: Fri, 17 Apr 2015 03:49:57 -0400 (EDT)

Town records spreadsheet data column one has in the CLICK TO VIEW=2
COLUMN link - VIEW NEARBY IMAGE. What does this mean? The
record that appears does not contain the name of the person in
that data row I want to see. What do I have to do to find
the person named?

Stephen Denker
Brookline, MA

MODERATOR'S NOTE: To find the specific page, use the arrows on the
page to move the images backward or forward.

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