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suewelsh <suewelsh@...>

I have just posted two items on Viewmate (numbers 39173 and 39174) that I am
hoping someone might be able to help me with. They deal with my great
grandparents, Moisha Avrum Aberbuch and his wife, Freda Ruchla Zylberberg.
The documents also mention either her father or son, Rachmiel. I am hoping
that somebody can translate these items >from what I believe is Russian. I
know very little about these ancestors and would really appreciate any help.

Thank you in advance.

Susan Granite Welsh
Murrieta, California

Tracing any variation in the spelling of
. ABERBUCH (Warsaw, Lublin, Buenos Aires),
. GRANITE (Ukraine, England, Mexico, Egypt, and USA),
. HABERMAN (Warsaw, Lublin, Buenos Aires),
. KROGLANSKY (Lithuania, England, Ireland and Brazil),
. MAST (Lublin and Buenos Aires),
. MEYERS (New York, Kentucky and somewhere in Europe)
. TAYLOR (England, Ireland and USA), ZINGER (Brazil and Israel)
. ZINGER/SINGER (in Brazil and Israel) and
. ZYLBERBERG (Warsaw and Lublin )

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