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BIALYGen is a JewishGen group. I consider the Bialystok indexing
project to now be a project of this group, which will avoid any
duplicate effort.

Two members of this group have volunteered to transliterate the
inscriptions. The delay has been my fault. I have hundreds of
images. I am in the process of moving to a new home and my
household goods are currently in storage. Inadvertently, the
Bialystok Cemetery CDs were placed in storage. I will be moving
soon after Rosh Hashanah, so those images should be available to
our two volunteers in a month or two.

The indexing of the tombstone inscriptions is only the first step
in the Bialystok Cemetery project. I hope that the Cemetery will
undergo restoration and serve as a memorial to our ancestors who
lived in Bialystok prior to the Holocaust.

My hope is that this group will sponsor similar projects for the
30 or so other Jewish Cemeteries in the BIALYGen region.

Mark Halpern

----- Original Message -----
I would like to reiterate that the photographing and indexing
of the
Bialystok cemetery is a JewishGen Research Division project,
coordinated by Mark Halpern. Funds were raised in the past,
before this
group was formed, for the purchase of a digital camera to
permit the
university group to photograph the tombstones. Help is
currently needed
for transliteration of the inscriptions on the tombstones.

Mark Halpern previously explained the project in great detail.
To have the cemetery project listed in the group's priorities
does not imply, I hope, that a duplicative effort should be

Joyce Field

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