Re: Jewish Cemeteries in Bialystok Region #poland


In 2001, I visited Tykocin, Grodek, and Michalowo. In 2002, I
also visited Krynki and Sokolka. I have placed Cemetery photos of
my visit on the Adobe Shutterfly website, so they can be shared
with you and other interested people. Just use the links and URLs
below to gain access.






Comments are welcome.

I also have my personal photos of the Bialystok Cemetery and will
make those photos available as well.

Mark Halpern

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In the last two years I have been to Eastern Poland twice and
have taken some photographs of the cemeteries in Bialystok,
Grodek, Krynki, Michalowo, Sokolka, and Tykocin.

I will place these photos on the Internet and provide links to
the group later today or tomorrow.

Mark Halpern

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