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I have now placed my photos of the Bialystok Cemetery on the
Adobe Shutterfly website at:

This is the Wschodnia Street Cemetery, also known as the Bagnovke
Cemetery. It was opened in 1892 and operated into the 1960s. Of
the original 30,000 to 40,000 Matzevot, only 5,000 to 7,000 still
exist and many of them are in very poor condition. Parts of the
original Cemetery were turned into a housing development and
Matzevot were reportedly used for the street and the foundation
of these houses. The City now owns this property and it is
considered a public park.

Tomasz Wisniewski reports that there were once 5 cemeteries. The
large Jewish Cemetery that was used before 1892 is now under
Bialystok's central park near a puppet theater. There is one
Matzevot in the park which has been desecrated with graffiti.
Near that one Matzevot is a grass covered mound. Rumors exist
that remains >from the Jewish cemetery are to be found under that

The Jewish Cholera Cemetery is now the site of the ZUS building
and parking lot. ZUS is the state social security agency. An
expansion of this building created controversy in recent years.
The Jewish Communities of Poland complained about this
construction as it violated Polish law protecting burial sites.
Although the expansion has been completed, negotiations with the
City and ZUS continue.

The Zabia Street Cemetery -- the Ghetto Cemetery -- was used
during the War and was fixed up after the return of Jews. In
1971, during State sponsored anti-Semitic actions, the cemetery
was destroyed. The site of this cemetery is now a public park and
has two memorials to the Jews of the Ghetto.

Tomasz talks about another old cemetery that existed, but I do
not know its location.

Mark Halpern

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In the last two years I have been to Eastern Poland twice and
have taken some photographs of the cemeteries in Bialystok,
Grodek, Krynki, Michalowo, Sokolka, and Tykocin.

I will place these photos on the Internet and provide links to
the group later today or tomorrow.

Mark Halpern

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