Map Of Jadow, Poland From Sefer Jadow #poland

Eden Joachim <esjoachim@...>

I'm pleased to let you know that the map of Jadow , Poland >from "Sefer
Jadow" has been added to the Jadow Yizkor book translation. The map was
translated >from the Hebrew / Yiddish by Jacek Pardyak of Kukawki, Jadow,
Poland. Jacek is a Data Scientist in Warsaw who developed an interest in the
Jewish history of Poland through his curiosity of what Poland would look
like today had it not been for the terrible events of the 20th century.

Jacek came upon the translation of Sefer Jadow and curious what the actual
text looked like, he encountered the original Yiddish / Hebrew, which was a
language / alphabet completely foreign to him. After making 3 trips to
Israel, Jacek realized was able to read some of the shop signs. He then
decided to attempt the translation of the map legend.

We thank Jacek for satisfying his personal curiosity which now benefits
Jadow researchers and anyone else with an interest in the area. As a
non-Jew, Jacek's interest in the long history of Jews in Poland is just
another step in the healing and reconciliation process.

In his own words "My motivation to start studying history of the Polish Jews
was curiosity how Poland could look like now if not Holocaust. How varied
and rich could be. I also cannot understand how lasting almost thousand
years history of Jews living here has been forgotten. For example in Yadow,
old Jewish cemetery (hidden in woods with only few destroyed matzevas) is
only witness of the past."

The map and translation are now linked >from the table of contents on the
main Jadow page at:

My sincere thanks to Jacek Pardyak and Lance Ackerfeld for working with
Jacek on verifying the accuracy of the translation and for making the
information available through the Yizkor Book Translation project.

Eden Joachim
Jadow Yizkor Book Coordinator

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