Collecting donations and sending them to Poland #poland

Hank Mishkoff

I'm going to be creating a website where family members can donate
funds for a cemetery restoration project that will be managed by FODZ
in Poland, and I'm wondering what the "best practices" are for that

To get the process started, a cousin of mine wired funds directly to
FODZ -- but I won't be able to get large numbers of other family
members to do that, and I keep thinking that there must be an easier
way. I could collect the contributions myself, but some potential
contributors might be suspicious of that kind of arrangement, and I
might run into tax problems. I suppose that I could form my own
charitable organization, but that sounds expensive and time-consuming.

I assume that some of you have experience with this kind of process,
and I was hoping that you could share some suggestions with me. Thanks
for your help!

Hank Mishkoff

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