Suggestion #poland

Joyce Eastman

Would it be possible to request that all list members not only capitalize
the surnames in their e-mail messages, but also include a list of all the
surnames with places of origin/residence in their signatures? I remember
that this request was made when I joined these lists years ago and I created
a signature in my e-mail program specifically for all my genealogy
correspondence (to include the SIG lists). I think it would help a lot of
us to be able to contact those who are researching the same surnames to
possibly find a connection we would not have made otherwise.

Joyce Eastman
Orange City, FL USA

and Vienna, Austria; RUFEISEN: Biala/Sucha/Zywiec/Szare, Poland,
Israel, Germany and Brazil; SCHEIER/ROBINSOHN: Biala/Sucha, Poland
and Stanislawow,Poland/Ukraine (Ivano-Frankvisk); FRANKL/FODOR/PORGES/
GROSSMANN/KOHN/WEISZ: Vaj Ujhely, Hungary/Trencin, Slovakia

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