Suwalki area towns - more Jewish vital record scans online #poland

Logan J. Kleinwaks

More scans of Jewish vital records >from Bakalarzewo, Filipow,
Krasnopol, Sejny, Sereje, and Suwalki are now viewable online at Some of these scans have been online for months,
some are new. Some correspond to records in the public indices on

To view the scans, first go to the list of groups of records at:







Note the last column on the right, Number of Scans/Liczba Skanow. If
that is 0, there are no scans available for the group.

Clicking the title of a group (e.g., Ksiega urodzen) will bring up an
overview page, with a red tab at the top. Click the link to the right
of the red tab, Scans/Skany. This will lead to a group of thumbnail
images, 15 per page by default.

Clicking on a thumbnail will enlarge it. On the enlarged image, there
is an icon near the bottom right that looks like a white rectangle on
a black circle -- clicking that will open a new window to display a
high-resolution image. Because of the size of the high-resolution
image, it might not be fully visible on your screen, but you can
click, hold, and drag it with your mouse to change the visible region.
To save a high-resolution image to your computer, click the
Download/Pobierz link below the image, in the bottom center.

I have not examined these scans carefully, and I regret that I am not
able to offer individual assistance.

Logan Kleinwaks
near Washington, D.C.

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