GUTTMANN Jttel and Rifka from Wisnicz (Nowy) #poland

Ariane Mil

Does anyone know what happened to the following sisters Jttel GUTTMANN,
born June 15 1854 in Wisnicz (today Wisnicz Nowy) Rifka GUTTMANN,
born June 17 1858 in Wisnicz ?

Their parents were Moyzes Moshe Avraham GUTTMANN (born ca. 1830, place
not known - died 1891 in Wisnicz) and Broche STIEL (born ca. 1830,
place not known - died 1897 in Wisnicz).

Information on their three sons and their families Samuel Simmel,
born Nov.3 1856, Baruch, born Feb. 18 1863 and Chiel, born May 7 1867
all born in Wisnicz, are known.

Your help will be greatly appreciated.
Thank you.

Ariane Mil-Guttmann, Switzerland

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