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Rivka Schirman <capitetes@...>

To start with, the records I found in JRI-Poland concerning the BARBASCH
/ GINSBERG children, all bear typically yiddish given names. Charlotte
might have been the given name she was given and/or used once in Vienna,
but not necessarily the one that figures on her Polish birth registry.
IF this were the case, one of the 10 records you have found might be
that of Charlotte, under her original given name. Does the death
registry and/or the tombstone give her age at the time of death ? If
yes, you could estimate the year of birth and compare to the birth
record of a female BARBASCH / GINSBERG born approximately around this

Another possibility is that she was actually born already in Vienna or
elsewhere in Austria proper which might explain why her record does not
exist in the Polish registry.



On 29 avr. 2016, at 08:04, Milton Koch wrote:

I am researching my BARBASCH family >from Pidvolochysk.
My PGGP were Gerson and Sara HInde Barbasch, both of whom died in
They had 10 children, based on entries in record books- all that I =
find in JRI-PL database.
However, there is one child that is NOT listed- Charlotte- who died in
Vienna in 1942. i have her death record with much data, but not her
birth year, etc. The record indicates that her sister, Cipre- who IS
listed in JRI-PL database, paid for her burial at the Zentralfriedhof
cemetery. This death document >from Vienna also lists her address as
the one I have for Cipre as well as her mother, Sara Hinde.
I have done various searches for Charlotte, but can not find her in
any records, indexes, etc.

The question remains, is it possible that her birth was never entered
into the record? If so, is there any other way to confirm this
relationship, as well as determine whether she even had her own
I am planning to visit the cemetery in Vienna and have the burial
plot for Charlotte.

Thanks for any advice, suggestions, etc,
Milton Koch
Bethesda, MD.

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