A simulation attempt at understanding the crossing in 1855 #poland

Tamar Amit <ta.genealogy@...>

Windstarke 8 [a umulet] (or Wind Force 8) TV Series is a multi-part
documentary/reality series >from Germany on ARD that attempts to show
conditions on emigrant ships headed to America in the 1800s.
It attempts to look back at the hardships that people endured -
seasickness, crowding and homesickness - all to reach their new home
in America.

Although over 5000 people tried out to be on the program, only 14
passengers, 5 children and 18 sailors were chosen to take part in this
The ship As a film the Fridtjof Nansen was rebuilt and altered for the
shooting so that no modern equipment was visible. "Passengers"
and "crew" dressed, and behaved as they would have in 1855.

I believe it would give us all a better understanding of "the
crossing" even if we don't speak German.

The link is here:

I thought it would be interesting for many in this forum with
ancestors >from Europe that sailed in the 1800s to America.

Tamar Amit

PS - found this link in another Genealogy forum

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