Where / what is Zalitkof? #poland

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Steve Stein wrote: I have the WW I draft registration, naturalization
petition, and ship's manifest for an individual.
- The draft registration indicates that he was born in Frampol, which
was in
Lublin Guberniya.
- The petition indicates that he was born in Lublin.
- The manifest indicates that his last residence was Zalitkof.
I cannot find anyplace in the Frampol or Lublin area that remotely
the name "Zalitkof". JG Town Finder gets no hits on a D-M match in the
former Russian Empire.
Per JewishGen Communities
< http://www.jewishgen.org/Communities/LocTown.asp >
Zaklikow, Poland was in Lublin Gubernia, Russia before WWI and is
located 25.4 miles WNW of Frampol.
Frampol is 40.2 miles S of Lublin and Zaklikow is 39.6 miles SSW of
Alternate names: Zaklikow [Pol], Zoklikov [Yid], Zaklikuv [Rus],
Zakilkov, Zaklikow Tartak

Bette Stoop Mas

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