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The photos I have taken of all these Cemeteries in the Bialystok
area were only meant as a survey of the general condition of
these Cemeteries and were not meant to provide documentation of
the inscriptions.

I realize that documentation is important and I am working on
documenting the Bialystok Cemetery. However, my trips to Poland
in 2001 and 2002 were for other purposes and I did not have the
time to photograph all the Matzevot at these cemeteries.

I agree that the Tykocin Jewish Cemetery is in horrible
condition. I do not know of any efforts to contact the town. I do
know that last year the representatives of the Jewish communities
of Poland placed legal claims to thousands of former Jewish
communal properties including Synagogues, Mikvahs, and
Cemeteries. If the Tykocin Cemetery was claimed, which is very
possible, then the town has no incentive to do anything until
ownership is settled.

Mark Halpern

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I just had a chance to look at the Shutterfly Adobe pix of
Tykocin cemetery.

The photos taken by Mark Halpern are very difficult to read at
the angle and >from the distance shot. The tombstones need some
preparation in case the etched letters are too faint to read
under normal light. I see also
that there are very few upright stones and what is there is in
a sorry

Has anyone tried to get the municipality to care for the site,
at least to
fence it off >from cattle grazing?

Hope Mark can get his CD images on line for us. What might be
the oldest
stone in Tykocin still up?

Avigdor Ben-Dov

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