Looking for another passenger manifest #poland

David Ellis

My gf Benjamin FINKEL came to the United States as a baby with his mother
Reizel in 1901 or 1902 >from the town of Kuznica, Poland. I have a copy of
their immigration manifest saying that they were sponsored by Reizel's
husband, my g-gf Leib FINKEL, who was living on Ludlow Street in New York
and who must have come over first. However, I have been unable to find
Leib's manifest. I would appreciate suggestions to help me locate the right

Here's an interesting piece of the puzzle: my g-gf Leib's birth record says
he was born in Mogilev (now Belarus) with the name Leib DUBROVSKI. The
family story is that he ran away >from home as a teenager to evade
conscription and was taken in by a widow named FINKEL whose son had died.
She passed him off as her son, and he took her surname.

Please respond privately by e-mail (address below). Thanks very much!

David J Ellis
Natick, MA 01760

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