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Arielle Orenstein Sax wrote:
<< I am hoping someone will recognize this town name, Wlodooko, Russia. This
is >from my father in law's grandfather's family, listed on his WWII
registration card. I've tried the town finder (it brought up a place in
Hungary) and google (no results). >>
Harry HAZEN in Pawtucket RI on his WWII draft registration was born 16 Jul
1881 in Wlodooko, Russia. What town is listed on his family's other
documents, including ship manifests and naturalizations? It is necessary to
obtain all possible family documents to identify ancestral towns. Censuses
indicate that Harry Hazen immigrated 1909 and was naturalized between 1925
and 1930. Per Harry Hazen's Petition for Naturalization, he was born in
Vlodofska, Russia and emigrated >from Montreal Canada arriving at Newport VT
30 Jul 1909 on the Canadian Pacific Railway. Per his Declaration of
Intention, he emigrated >from Liverpool on the vessel Montrose and arrived at
the port of Boston Massachusetts.
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A search in JewishGen Gazetteer for town (phonetically like) Vlodofska has
one result, Gora Wlodowska, Poland located 133.4 miles SSW of Warszawa. Note
diacritical marks - accent over o in Gora and stroke across l in Wlodowska.
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Per Wikipedia, Gora Wlodowska is a village in the administrative district of
Gmina Wlodowice within Zawiercie County, Silesian Voivodeship, in southern
Poland. It lies approximately 2 miles north of Wlodowice, 6 miles north of
Zawiercie and 30 miles northeast of the regional capital Katowice. Per
JewishGen Communities, Wlodowice and Zawiercie, Poland were in Bedzin
district, Piotrkow Gubernia, Russia before WWI and in Kielce province,
Poland between the Wars.

JRI-Poland has indexed millions of Congress Poland Jewish records including
Zawiercie records >from Katowice Archives. Search the database and contact
the Zawiercie Town Leader for more information. Note surname spelling
variants (phonetically like) HAZEN include AIZEN AJZEN AYZEN EIZEN EJZEN
< > and < >

Continue your research by obtaining Harry Hazen's ship manifest arriving in
Canada, the ship manifest of wife Fanny and children Edith, Sarah, Minnie
and Rosie born 1902 to 1909 Russia, and identifying Fanny's town Unnivoila,
Russia on his naturalization petition. As a start, Ancestry's Border
Crossings >from Canada to U.S. database includes the St. Albans, Vermont
passenger list of the Montrose >from Antwerp arriving 30 Jul 1909 in Quebec
with Leib and Elle Hazen >from Wlodofska, Russia.

By Way of Canada: U.S. Records of Immigration Across the U.S.-Canada Border,
1895-1954 (St. Albans Lists) by Marian L. Smith (NARA Prologue Magazine Fall
n-records-1.html >

Good luck with your research!
Bette Stoop Mas

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