Trying to find Polish images of JRI records. #poland

Mark London <mrl@...>

Hi - I'm trying to find images for records that are not yet linked to
the records. I.e., for an 1889 marriage in Bialystok that I find using
the JRI search, the list of results, says that this is the web page to
find the images:

I'm looking for the marriage record of:

MALCBERG Chaim Jankelewicz 1889 M 132
WYSOCKA Minka Szlemowna 1889 M 132

So I look in the 1889 marriage book:

And I look at entry 132:

I'm not be fluent in the language, but I was hoping to see something
that looks like one of the names of the marriage that I'm looking for.
I don't. So can anyone tell me if I'm looking at the correct record? I
don't want to put something up on viewmate, if it's totally the wrong
record. Thanks!

Mark London
Natick, MA

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