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David Nesher in Israel wrote:
<< In JRI's list of towns, Modliborzyce not shown. It says it was probably a
small town, and its vital records registered in another town. The question
is, where? >>
Routes to Roots Foundation < >
Database lists four available record groups for the town of Modliborzyce in
Tarnobrzeg Wojewodztwo.
The records are located in the State Archive in Lublin. None are vital (BMD)

Polish-Jewish Genealogy - Questions and Answers by Warren Blatt
< >
Q 13. Why are there no Jewish vital records in certain towns prior to the
A. There are at least three possible reasons for the lack of records:
1. The records were kept in another town.
2. There were no Jews living in that town at that time.
3. The records were destroyed or lost.

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