Re: Lukow birth record from 1873 #poland

Mark Halpern

When JRI-Poland determines that digitized Jewish records for a town are
online, a link to the folder on the Polish Archive website is added to
the search results table for that town. The results table for Lukow
does not have such a link.

Researchers could search the Polish State Archive digital image website themselves by Archive. >from the
JRI-Poland "your town" index determine the Regional Archive holding the
records and the Fond number.

Navigate to the Regional Archive "Resource" page and find fond number.
The identifying numbers in the left hand column show Archive number then
Fond number.

There is also a Guide to using this Polish State Archive website at

If there are no images available online, researchers have two choices :
1) wait until the Jewish records are digitized and online or 2) order a
scan directly >from the Regional Archive.

All Regional Archives are digitizing and placing online all their
holdings of vital records. Each Regional Archive moves at its own pace.
JRI-Poland does not know when Jewish record images will be online.

For those who would rather not wait until images are online, the webpage is out of date and is now being
revised, but the basic procedure for ordering records >from the Archive
has not changed.

For Lukow Jewish records, you should contact the Siedlce Archive at
archiw@... to order a scan of that record using the
information >from the JRI-Poland index entry.

Mark Halpern

On 2016-09-18 22:15, Mark London mrl@... wrote:

Hi - I just found a Lukow birth record >from 1873 for a Chawa Bejtz,
that I'm interested in obtaining a copy of. Does anyone know if the
Lukokw records have been scanned and are online, on the Polish
Archives website, like they are for other towns? If not, should I
follow the instructions on this website, in to order the record?

Has anyone had experience with ordering Lukow records?

Thanks for any information.

Mark London
Natick, Massachusetts

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