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Michael Shade

Scans of all BMD records for the Jewish communities of Bobrowniki and
Irena for the years 1869-1913 are available online >from the Polish State

All records >from this period were kept in Russian, so if you can make
your way in written Russian you may be able to find what you're
looking for. I've just had a quick look through the indexes,
around the dates Susan has suggested, but I can't see any
Eberbuch births between 1880-1899. Maybe her birth was registered in one
of the other communities mentioned by Robinn.

One thing I did notice was a number of "batch" registrations,
where several children >from one family were registered at
one go. My own grandmother was registered here several years late. So
they may not necessarily be registered in their birth year. I have also
spotted a few Zylberberg births amongst these records - maybe the
marriage record is there too - Susan, do you know when Frajda and her
husband married? Or when the first child was born?

Another thought is that the interconnections Robinn mentions also extend
across the river >from Irena, to the towns of Gniewoszow and Granica,
which are in Radom province, so their records are in Radom Archives
rather than Lublin. Some of my Waksmans moved >from Gniewoszow to Irena,
and some to Lublin.

Best of luck in your search, Susan!


Michael Shade
Brighton, UK

Researching: SCHREIBMAN (Pinsk); ILYUTOVICH (Lida, Novogrudok, Gomel);
ZATURENSKY (Nesvizh ?); LEVIN (Streshin, Gomel); FRANKENSTEIN (Gombin,
Plock); FINKELSTEIN (Gombin, Tel Aviv); ZEGELMAN (Slubice); KOHN
(Nadarzyn); IGLA (Nadarzyn); WAKSMAN (Demblin-Irena,
Gniewoszow-Granica); SZECHTMAN (Bobrowniki); GLASMAN, GLUZMAN
(Demblin-Irena); LENDENBAUM (Bobrowniki); ELBSZTAJN (Bobrowniki);
EJZENSTADT (Gniewoszow-Granica); LEFSHITZ (Zhuravichy); ALIEVSKY
(Zhuravichy); SZWARC (Gombin, Panama, New Jersey), SCHWARTZ (London,
Leeds); RAJN (Gombin); BOLL (Gombin); MANCZIK (Gombin); FEIGENBAUM
(Mlawa); WANDT (Gostynin); SZCZAWINSKA (Gombin); WAYNBERG (London);

On 31 Oct 2016, at 14:32, Robinn F Magid
<> wrote:

Susan Welsh posted a great question on this digest. She wrote:

"I'm trying to find the birth certificate of my grandmother, Lieba
Eberbuch, and some of her siblings. She was born in Demblin/Deblin,
Poland, when it was known as Ivangorod, sometime circa 1885 - 1895. I
am also looking for the death certificate of her mother, Frajdla
(nee Zylberberg) Eberbuch who died around 1895, probably in the Lublin
I haven't been able to locate these records. Does anyone have any
where else to search? I'm not sure records for this period were
The Jewish Communities of Ivanogorod, Deblin/Demblin, Irena, Ryki and
Bobrowniki in the Lublin Area have a complicated and interwoven
recorded history which is too complicated to explain here, but the
place of civil registration for these communities appears to move
around these towns throughout the 19th century and a complete
exploration of any of these towns requires the complete exploration
of all of these towns.

JRI-Poland has several projects in process to extract the records for
these towns, and the projects are in varying stages of development,
depending on the number of volunteers and amount of donations we have
for these projects.

Please contact me, at for more detailed information
or to learn how you can help.

Robinn Magid
Berkeley, California
Lublin Archives Project Coordinator
Jewish Records Indexing - Poland

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