DJAMENTs from CMIELOW - Any leads on these names? #poland

charles goldenzon

Dear JRI-PL's,

A couple of weeks ago I asked whether Chil Pinkwas Djament, my
grandfather's name, rang any bell. He was born in Cmielow in 1905 to
Moszek Lejb Djament and Fajga Djament, nee Lichtensztajn. Chil
immigrated to Brazil in 1930.

I now have a few other names and I wanted to renew my request for any
reference you might have on these. They were Chil's siblings and i hope
to find any of their descendants. The names are:

1 - Nusen Mordka Djament - Born 1884 in Cmielow
2 - Chaja Cywia Djament - Born 1886 in Jastkow, Cmielow
3 - Alta Eta Djament - Born 1895 in Wiora, Cmielow
4 - Ryvka Ruchla Djament - Born 1896 in Wgory, Cmielow

Any lead is much appreciated,

Charles Goldenzon
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

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