Re: Significant roadblock in my research about the Gottlieb family #galicia

Phyllis Kramer

David Nesher wrote asking for help with Isaiah GOTTLIEB (c1872-1910),
a rabbi in Zlotniki (Ternopol, Galicia), also lived in Stretin and
Bukachevtsy; mother Esther Malka (nee LANGNER?) (c 1875 - c 1905);
Daughter: Hinda Basha (c1890 Bukachevtsy-c1942). ......Before I give
up, I try to ask for your help. Does anyone have an idea?

Perhaps one of these suggestions will help
(1) Go to Routes to Roots ( There you will find the
records that the archives are holding. That will help you determine
where you might research.

(2) David, why not add the surnames and towns to JGFF and search for
others who might have more information? There were a number of
possibles i found there when i searched your surnames in the Ukraine,
although Gottlieb is fairly common, Langner is uncommon and there are
3 researchers.

(3) Have you tried the yizkor books, many translated on JewishGen. In
Rohatyn's book on JewishGen there is a mention of Rabbi Langer...and
i'm suspecting its the same family...and many Gottliebs

(4)Rabbi Uri Langner came >from Knihynicze; emigrated US early 20th
century and had a congregation on New York's Lower East Side; you
might try to research him.

(5)If you use the text based JewishGen search, you will find
references to the yizkor books and the kehilalinks pages of all the
towns you mention....

(6)Kehilalinks: a vital source of information...
the rohatyn page has references to many towns around...
Berezhany Bobrka (20 mi NW),
Bolshovtsy/Bolshevsky (17 miles SE)
Bukachevtsy (13 mi SSW)Burshtyn (10 mi S) Knyaginichi/Knihynicze (7mi W)
Narajow (10mi NE), Peremyshlyany (17 mi N), Stratin (5 mi NE), Novyye
Strzelishcha (12miNW) Zuravno (19 miles SW),
Also there are Gottliebs mentioned as officers of both landsmanshaften
and both Gottliebs and Langners on the 1870 tax rolls.

hope this gives you some ideas
happy hunting
Phyllis Kramer, NYC and Palm Beach Gardens Florida
vp, education, JewishGen

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