About Marriage Witnesses and Isep #poland

Milton Goldsamt

May I ask two questions:

(1) I see names of witnesses to marriage ceremonies included in indexed
entries of Nowy Wisnicz, Tarnow, Bochnia, etc records among the Galician
records I am searching >from the 1880-1915 time period. Would someone
know how old someone had to be so that they could be a witness at such
Galician marriages in that time period? (I see several people with
similar first names; knowing if they were old enough to serve as
witnesses could rule out some of these people who would be too young,
according to their birth entries, to also be witnesses.)

(2) I sometimes see the phrase "Isep" included in an indexed entry.
What does that term mean? It is not footnoted anywhere, it seems.

Thanks for your help!

Milton Goldsamt
Silver Spring, MD

Researching: Goldsamt/Goldsand (Bochnia, Tarnow, Krakow); Baldinger
(Nowy Sacz); Perlman/Perlmann (Brzesko); Lux/Lucks, Rumstein,
Brandstetter, Kornreich, Furman/Fuhrman (Galicia)

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