Completion of Lviv Vital Records Transcription Project #poland

Eric M. Bloch

The Lviv vital records transcription project, in process for almost 9
years, has now been completed. The information covers births:
1805-1872; deaths: 1805-1880; and marriages: 1801-1866. During the
course of the project, updates have been added to the online, searchable
All Galicia Database (AGD) appearing on the Gesher Galicia website: The final update has already been sent
to our volunteer transcription team and will be added to the AGD in
about six months. Images of the original records can be found on the
various LDS microfilms cited as sources for each record found in the AGD.

We've had a total of 40 volunteers >from 7 different countries who
completed anywhere >from one to 240 assignments.A total of 149,957
records were transcribed. In alphabetical order, our team members were:

Shaul Berger, Lukasz Biedka, Eric Bloch, Arieh Bolyos, Eli Brand, Fay
Bussgang, Helene Celnick, Stephen Denker, Shosh Eizenshtein, Linda
Epstein, Ria Eulau, Rita Falbel, Rebecca Fenning, Howard Fink, Roger
Fleischman, Ann Harris, Debbie Jurblum, Ronald I. Kaplan, Ellen Korpi,
Ramona Leff, Jay Lenefsky, Helen Nash May, Judy Petersen, John Philipp,
Toni Platus, Judith Ritter, Eva Robotnick, Melvin Rogow, Sergio
Rosarios, Morton Rumberg, Errol Schneegurt, Dr. Sari Silver, Suzi
Silver, Philip Spain, Talila Stan, Uriah Yaniv, Philippe Volvovic, Dr.
Joanna Zimmerman, Odeda Zlotnick, and one who wished to remain anonymous.

Kudos go out to all our volunteers for a job well done. Our top
producer, Errol Schneegurt, completed a whopping 240 assignments! Two
others exceeding the century mark include Judith Ritter and Mort
Rumberg. A special thank you to Dr. Sari Silver and Toni Platus for
their meticulous attention to detail in validating all of the records.
They not only reviewed all the transcriptions, but each completed well
over 100 of their own transcriptions. Their amazing talents have allowed
us to create what we believe to be a highly accurate database. Thanks
also to Gesher Galicia for hosting this valuable database and making it
available to the public at large.

We hope anyone with Lviv roots will have great success using the
database. Happy hunting!

Eric M. Bloch

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