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Alexander Sharon

Marcia Indianer Meyers wrote:

I've been searching for many years and still can't find any INDIANER
documents birth, marriage, death for my father, uncles, aunts,
grandfather all born in Khodorov (Chodorow), all born before 1900.

One uncle's marriage showed up. yes INDIANER is not a common name
and I found others, not family in other cities in Galicia.

INDIANER is mentioned in Beider's book.

Where are these records?


It appears that Chodorow marriage records, for years 1876 to 1909,
have survived and available through Fond 300/0 (Jewish records)
at AGAD Government Archives in Warszawa.

This is probably >from your uncle's marriage certificate has resurfaced.

Other Chodorow records:

Births 1914-1926

Marriages 1914-1939

Deaths 1926-1940

are located in Warszawa Registry offices (USC) under Fond 512/0.

Those records are not available to the general public for examinations,
you should communicate directly with the USC.

There are no indications that pre-1900 records (except marriages)
have survived.

Since Chodorow was a part of Bobrka administration commune, perhaps
some Indianer records within Bobrka have survived.

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